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Showboy To Be Deported To Ghana After 4 Years In Jail

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Written by Bob Little

IMG 20230608 WA0317

Ghanaian musician Sam Safo, who goes by the stage name Showboy, is said to be deported to Ghana after serving four years in jail for stabbing a friend.

Showboy, who announced his release from prison today, June, 7, on Instagram said he wanted to be in Ghana.

“Follow my new snap chat-Ahantan. I wish I was in Ghana lol. Anyways, I’m getting released tomorrow 06/07,2023 … my last night in prison!(sic)”.

Showboy was sentenced to serve six years in prison in March 2019 for stabbing Junior US, a US based Ghanaian musician during a tussle.

Junior US survived the stabbing but was later killed in a robbery attack in 2021.

At the time of Junior’s death, many people accused Showboy’s “men” for carrying out the crime but that was disputed when the real culprits were later apprehended by the US.

Though Showboy was in detention, he was quite active on social media giving details of his life and events leading to his incarceration.

Perhaps, Showboy gave a hint of his deportation in April this year in a Facebook post.

This is what he said, “Dem want deport me ..a make sad rough. .. a taya for life … if a come Ghana too Boyz want beat me especially criss waddle and shatta wale in friends lol …. make a sign for deportation or sit for another 1yr or 2 for immigration detention to fight for ma stay and still be on 9yrs probation. .. or to just sign for the deportation n come face death or happineass in Ghana …… lol am stressed, I can’t think far.

Sometimes I think God don’t like me, till today. .. haven’t seen him in 5yrs.

Being doing time for almost 2 and half years now … still depressed ..still suffering mentally … I am not innocent ,I was attacked first and I defended myself by stabbing. .I dont have control off ma adrenaline ..I did whatever to survive at the moment. .THEY SET ME UP ..TOOK MY FREEDOM FROM ME …. U ASK WHY AM MENTALLY UNSTABLE..THIS IS .. I DONT HAVE NO FRIEND ,NOBODY TO TRUST … JUST FAKE LOVE ALL AROUND ME (sic)”.

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