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Kwayku – The Intro ft. Strongman

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Written by Richard Nkansah

Kwayku - The Intro ft. Strongman  mp3 Download

Kwayku – The Intro ft. Strongman  mp3 Download. 

Prolific musician – Kwayku has unleashed his highly anticipated audio mp3 song titled The Intro and it’s featuring Strongman.

About Kwayku

Kwayku is a Ghanaian hippop/rap artist based in the Uk. I was born in Ghana, moved to Italy at the age of 3 and move to England just before Covid in 2019.
This single will be my first release of many to come.
Why a mask?

To have the ability to still live a normal life when I take the mask off, so I can go out to the shops and still not be recognised.
Secondly for branding.

Wearing a mask as branding makes me worry to lose my identity or my self in the long run hence why my name is original Kwayku is my Akan name. It’s written and pronounced this way (Kwayku) because of how the white people say it.

I chose the upside down cross because to me it stands for humility, am a humble person. When we were designing the mask, that space needed to be filled as it looked empty, we decided to integrate the upside cross, to me it represents Humble.
Why the upside down cross:

Many people believe the upside down cross represents antichrist or some satanic rituals however the true story is:
St. Peter, facing martyrdom by crucifixion, requested that
his cross be inverted because he felt unworthy to die in the
same manner as Christ.
The upside-down cross, thus became a symbol of humility.


Kwayku – The Intro ft. Strongman  mp3 Download.

Kwayku The Intro ( [Download]


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