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King Promise’s Lookalike Clears Air On His Arrest

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Written by Bob Little

IMG 20230609 WA0267

The lookalike of King Promise, has explained his recent encounter with the police, as reported in the news.

After his arrest made headlines on Monday, June 5, people were curious about the reasons behind it.

According to Richard, who has since been released, his arrest stemmed from an unsettled debt of GH¢800 that he owed to an old friend.

He disclosed that a couple of years ago, he accidentally damaged his friend’s mobile device worth GH¢800 and had promised to replace it but was unable to do so.

However, Richard believes that his friend, upon realizing his newfound fame and perceived wealth, decided to involve the police in an attempt to recover the money.

In an interview with Angel FM, Richard stated, “I spoilt my friend’s phone sometime back, and now because I’m famous and he thinks I have made money, so he sent the police after me. It’s been two to three years ago. He has been asking me for the money for a while now. I haven’t been picking his calls because I have been busy. The phone costs GH¢800.”

When questioned about who recorded the video of his arrest, which subsequently went viral, Richard revealed, “We were all live on TikTok when the incident happened. My other look-alike friends were recording the incident.”

Furthermore, Richard refuted claims that the entire situation was staged, emphasizing, “It wasn’t a prank. It was real.”

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