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Cecilia Marfo’s Bizarre Eating Spark Reactions

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Written by Bob Little

IMG 20230612 WA0020

Cecilia Marfo, a Ghanaian gospel musician, has once again attracted attention, this time with a controversial video she posted on social media.

The clip, shared by blogger Marigyata on Instagram, shows Cecilia Marfo engaging in eccentric eating habits that have left viewers perplexed.

In the video, Cecilia Marfo can be seen hurriedly consuming a loaf of bread and sipping from a ceramic mug with apparent urgency. She then proceeds to pick up a ceramic bowl of salad leaves and chews them in a manner that can only be described as uncouth.

In the midst of her unorthodox eating habits, Cecilia Marfo momentarily pauses and, despite having her mouth full of food, commands someone to check if the expected guests have arrived.

As the video gained traction online, netizens quickly shared their thoughts and opinions.

Some found the video amusing and intriguing, while others expressed concern over Marfo’s behaviour as a gospel musician.

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