Biography: Queenad Shine – A Rising Star in Ghana’s Afropop Dancehall Scene

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Written by Richard Nkansah


Queeneth Addy, better known by her stage name Queenad Shine, is a multi-talented Ghanaian/Nigerian artist making waves in the Afropop Dancehall and Reggae genres.


With a captivating voice, impressive rap skills, and powerful songwriting abilities, Queenad has garnered recognition and awards from various talents hunts and rap battles.

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Early Life and Musical Journey:

Born on May 15, 2000, in Nigeria’s River State (Portharcourt), Queenad’s passion for music was ignited during her primary school days. A

s she settled in Ghana in 2005, her talent as a rapper, singer, and songwriter flourished. She attributes her early exposure to both Ghanaian and Nigerian cultures as a significant influence on her music, allowing her to infuse diverse elements into her artistry.

Educational Background:

Queenad’s educational journey mirrors her commitment to her music career. She attended Asofan M/A Junior High School and continued her high school education at NAVS Senior High School, where she obtained her high school leaving certificate.

To hone her musical skills, she pursued further education at TAF College, where she is currently studying Digital Music Production.

Additionally, she attended Faithworks Music School, where she learned to play instruments such as the Acoustic Guitar and Piano, further enriching her musical repertoire.

Musical Style and Passion:

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Queenad Shine is determined to make her mark in the Dancehall genre, infusing her music with a unique style and distinct messages.

Her artistry goes beyond entertaining; she aspires to touch souls, challenge mindsets, and foster a deep love and appreciation for Dancehall Music.

Through her powerful lyrics and infectious beats, she aims to take Dancehall to new heights and offer audiences a fresh perspective on the genre.

Social Media Presence:

To connect with her growing fanbase and reach a wider audience, Queenad Shine actively maintains her social media presence.

Her Facebook page, “Queenad Shine,” showcases her latest updates and releases.

On Instagram, she can be found under the handle @queenad_shine, sharing glimpses of her musical journey.

For real-time engagement and exclusive content, she engages with her followers on Twitter under the username @ShineQueenad and on TikTok as @queenadshine.


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Queenad Shine’s journey from Nigeria to Ghana has shaped her into a talented and versatile artist, blending her cultural influences to create a distinct sound in Afropop Dancehall and Reggae music.

Her commitment to her education and continuous growth as a musician demonstrate her dedication to honing her craft.

With an unwavering passion for creating unique and soul-stirring music, Queenad Shine is set to leave an indelible mark on Ghana’s music industry and beyond.

As she continues to evolve and captivate audiences with her powerful performances and soulful messages, her star is undoubtedly on the rise.

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