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Ajagurajah Insults Diana Asamoah For Calling Him Dumb And An Idol Worshipper

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Written by Bob Little

IMG 20230609 WA0278

A clash of spiritual ideologies has unfolded between two servants of the Almighty, Ajagurajah and Diana Asamoah, despite the peaceful nature of their divine master.

The feud began when Diana Asamoah granted an interview, launching direct criticisms at Ajagurajah for his differing Christian beliefs.

Referring to Ajagurajah as the “most foolish person on earth” among humans, Diana Asamoah suggested that Ajagurajah’s expertise lies solely in the culinary arts and that he should focus on that instead of delving into matters of Christianity, which she deemed reserved for those with a true spiritual calling.

She further criticized modern-day men of God, accusing them of hypocrisy and immorality.

In response, Ajagurajah retaliated by claiming that Diana Asamoah lacked the moral authority to chastise him, labelling her a novice in the Christian faith.

He also took a swipe at her appearance, questioning the credibility of an evangelist who prioritizes style over ministry.

You are a baby Christian, unaware of the true teachings of God, so I don’t blame you,” Ajagurajah fired back. “You once believed wearing jeans and applying makeup was a sin, but now you engage in it fervently. It reveals your confusion in the Lord.”

The clash between these two spiritual figures highlights their differing perspectives on Christianity, creating a passionate debate over matters of faith.

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